About the Bennington Free Library

Bennington Free Library’s Mission Statement

The Bennington Free Library provides materials and services that will meet the educational, informational, cultural, and recreational needs of the community.
It is the Library’s aim to:
• stimulate use of its collections by informing the public of the resources available and by providing guidance in their use,
• provide free access to a wide range of opinions and ideas,
• develop collections and services in response to community needs, and
• cooperate with community organizations in stimulating educational and cultural activities.

The public library is a unique cultural institution within the community in that it is the only one that freely provides opportunities for educational growth and personal development throughout the individual’s lifetime. Our responsibility goes beyond providing books and information to those who are already confirmed library users. We aim to provide a dynamic library program that will advertise our services, attract non-users, and provide for and promote reading and self-development throughout the community.